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My Story

Chris Delaney knows what obstacles are. He knows what excuses are. He knows what drive is. He knows what it is to overcome fear. He knows how to embrace the unknown.

After spending his childhood as a highly competitive athlete, in his early twenties, Chris began to experience vision loss and within a year, was legally blind. Overwhelmed by the immense change in lifestyle - his plans and hopes for the future suddenly in need of a total overhaul - his life began to spiral downward. Once the doctors discovered his loss of vision was due to concussions he received while playing contact sports, he hit a low point. He knew he had nowhere to go but up.

Refocusing his energy on what he could control as opposed to what he could not, Chris used his honed athletic discipline to explore new opportunities. Through bodybuilding and cross-country cycling, Chris began channeling his obsessively focused nature to new projects. His friends and family noticed the change and lovingly embraced his newfound energy with a few new nicknames - fitness freak. Cycle freak. The freak in Chris was born.

Chris soon devised a goal - to cycle 100 miles a day on a tandem bicycle to raise funds for eye research and inspire Canadians. To support this goal, Chris began to collaborate with good friend and animator Shane O'Brien on a character who became known as BEACH FREAK, a character who embodies what Chris stands for - free-spirited, fun-loving, passionate, driven, unafraid. BEACH FREAK became a mascot for both Chris's fundraising campaign and his lifestyle.

After raising $250,000 for eye research, the success of Chris' cycling campaign and the support of the greater community inspired his inner circle to help him create an entire family of FREAK characters, all representing different challenges and journeys. Chris began to encourage even more Canadians through public speaking engagements at schools and continues to inspire legions of youth today. He has raised over a million in dollars for charities, traveled to Africa to build schools and further pursued his passion for bodybuilding, winning local and provincial titles that have taken him to competitions across North America.

Through his journey, Chris has grown into the person he was meant to be. He is a person who lives and breaths his passions and inspires others to do the same.